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How Does a Vaporizer Work? How To Use – The Different Types

This article will help you understand the basics of how a vaporizer works, how to properly use one, and some of the benefits you can get from using one. Although they are becoming more popular you may not have actually seen one being used.

Even if you have seen one or even have tried one you may still wonder “How does a vaporizer work?” Vaporizers are not new technology and in fact they have been around for a long time but they are still considered one of the best devices a smoker (of anything) can use.

Here is a great video all about vaporizers:

All About Vaporizers
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The Basics Of Vaporization

To make it easier to understand how vaporizers work it is essential to know and understand what they are meant to do to begin with. Vaporizers are of huge benefit for smoking anything from tobacco to medical marijuana.

This is because it doesn’t involve any burning or smoke which is unhealthy to your lungs. They make smoking the material of your choice a lot easier and safer, not to mention less bothersome to the people around you because your clothes (or house) do not stink of smoke.

They also need to use less material for the same effect so therefore in the long run they will save you money which is always important.

What A Vaporizer Does

vaporizer banner from ezvapesWhile there are many different types and sizes the principles behind how they work are the same for all of them. These smokeless systems heat up herbal materials like tobacco or medical marijuana, but not to the point where they actually start to burn and produce smoke.

Instead it causes the oils which contain the active ingredients of the herb to boil turning them into a vapor that looks similar to steam, and that can be inhaled safely.

The result is that you get the same effects as if you were smoking it, but without the harmful and unhealthy effects from inhaling smoke. It has been proven to be so much healthier for your lungs.

The Two Ways To Extract Active Ingredients

There are two different methods that can be used to heat the active ingredients from the material (tobacco, marijuana, etc) and turn them into vapor:

Conduction. This is where your plant matter is heated up by being in contact with something that is already hot. Think hot plate. Conduction was used in the the first vaporizers and it does work well, but there are some inherent problems with using a ‘hot spot’ to heat the desired material.

Convection. This is when hot air is blown over your plant matter in order to make it hot. Think Hair dryer. Convection which is a newer way to heat the desired material and has the reputation of being a more reliable and controllable way to heat the herbs.

Since this method uses heated air to boil out the active ingredients even parts of the plant that are buried in the middle of the mass will be exposed to the heat giving a much more even vaporization. Conduction is old school and cheaper to manufacture. Convection is new school and costs a little more but is much more efficient.

Many Different Styles And Types Of Vaporizers

When you are taking draws (or hits) the vaporized material which is the active ingredients turned into vapor need to be transported by a tube of some sort to the user.


How a vaporizer works the parts of a portable one.

In many cases, this is something that looks like the tip of a cigarette holder, or a straw, but it can take on a variety of shapes and styles.

There are as many styles of vaporizers as there are demands for that style. There are table top models, smaller portable ones, vape pens, and more.

The parts of a volcano vaporizerWhile they all work in similar ways the several different types of vaporizers will have slightly different draw or inhalation techniques. Some even fill a bag with vapor that can be inhaled.

They are not difficult to use, but some are easier than others and there may be a small learning curve. All quality models work good so it’s all up to you to determine which one fits you right.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

The big question is if vaping is safer than smoking and the answer is yes. A number of scientific studies show that using a vaporizer can noticeably lower the amount of harmful substances that you take in with the active ingredients.

Is vaping is safe? That depends on what you are inhaling. For example vaping tobacco is safer than smoking but it would not be considered completely safe.

The Benefits Of Using A Vaporizer

The bottom line is smoking isn’t good for you, so anything you can do to transition out of it, whether it’s vaping or stopping entirely, will only be to your benefit and help you in the long run.

Vaporization has three major benefits:

1. Relatively odorless and clean. the process involves little burning, so the odor will be significantly contained.

2. Smokeless. The American Lung Association and other public health institutions often warn people against smoking. Smoke can damage lung tissue and lead to chronic ailments, such as emphysema, asthma, and worse.

3. Economical. If you are a medical marijuana user you will save money.  Cannabinoids are the active compounds which deliver the medicinal effects. When you smoke a joint, the combustion heat destroys many of these compounds.

Vaporization does a far better job of preserving these key cannabinoid compounds. So if you’re on a budget, vaporization therefore makes a lot of sense as you can stretch your supply and still get active healing.

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