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Marijuana Smoking Devices – Discount Code For Vaporizers

Marijuana dispensary that sells marijuana smoking devices. Marijuana smoking devices like the vaporizer are replacing the old traditional methods of papers, pipes, or bongs. This article explains some of the benefits of using them and where to get the best prices.

Buying vaporizers online will also get you the best discounts and sale prices on different makes and models. One reason for this is it’s cheaper to order online.

Another benefit is that there are online merchants who offer a price match guarantee and free shipping on most orders. It’s also very convenient to have one shipped to your home in discreet packages. As marijuana smoking devices are a specialty item they are a perfect match for the internet.

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The Different Kinds Of Smoking Devices

Different types of marijuana smoking devicesBesides vaporizers there are a large number of smoking devices including rolling papers, hand pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and even homemade ones.

Rolling papers: Been around forever and used to roll joints. The paper is usually made of hemp, bamboo, or rice paper. The smoke and all it’s contaminants are completely unfiltered.

Hand Pipes: Considered the most common smoking device used today. They are convenient, small, portable, and simple to use. Again you get straight smoke without filtering.

Water Pipes: Called bongs and bubblers, etc. The smoke is filtered through water. The water cools the smoke, but it’s not a very effective filter.

Hookahs: A less common methods of smoking cannabis and they are generally used for smoking a ‘wet tobacco'(shisha). Very little filtering and wasteful.

Homemade Devices: The most common homemade device is some kind of a pipe but it could be anything. Health effects vary depending on the material and delivery method.

There are also edible ways for the health conscious cannabis consumers to use. We will cover them at another time as this article is about smoking devices. Here is a link to some free recipes.

What Is A Vaporizer?

room filled with smokeThey are not new and have been used for relieving congestion for years. Warm steam vaporizers like the vicks vaporizer have been around for decades.

People have used them with aromatic herbs. While they are good for many things, vaporizing marijuana is becoming very popular now.

A lot of this came about when medical marijuana patients discovered that vapor smoking devices significantly reduced exposure to the unhealthy compounds found in smoke from burning plants.

This was good news for anyone who is health conscious. Another benefit is that they do not fill the room with heavy smoke that stinks as there is hardly any smell at all when using one.

Vaporizing Cannabis

Volcano digital vaperizerA vaporizer steadily heats your herbs causing the psychoactive compounds THC and other cannabinoids to vaporize. However the heat is too low for combustion of the leaves.

These compounds become an aromatic vapor that does not contain particulates, tars, and other toxins found in a burning process. Thus it eliminates the health risks associated with smoking.

Smoking can create respiratory problems. A university study concluded that vaporizing cannabis produces the same effect as smoking it but without the harmful toxins.

Another government study came to a similar conclusion about decreased respiratory symptoms. The use of a vaporizer is the logical choice and the best option if you smoke weed.

The Benefits Of Using A Vaporizer For Marijuana

It’s finally coming out that using cannabis is not as dangerous to our health as it was once believed. In fact there are actually some health benefits that can be claimed according to many doctors. One thing they were right about is that smoke is not good for your lungs.

Probably not as bad as cigarettes, but the point is there is a lot of undesirable stuff in that smoke you’re inhaling. Actually there is a simple solution – vaporizers. When used as marijuana smoking devices there is nothing that even comes close to their results.

There are a lot of benefits from using a vaporizer instead of smoking and there are very few drawbacks. Here are a few of the advantages you could gain. Of course number one is that they are healthier. Significantly less carcinogens, toxins, and other unhealthy byproducts associated with smoke and smoking are inhaled.

They produce a high concentration of active ingredients in the vapor so you need less hits to get the same results. In other words they use less weed than other methods and save you money. A vaporizer significantly reduces the smell so your place does not reek of pot. The resin produced, which is essentially hash, can be collected during cleaning and smoked.

Some Cannabis Vaporizer Reviews

In the 420magazine forums ‘mrweed’ said;

“vaping gets me more high. definitely not the same effects than smoking, much more pleasent i think. it never gets you stoned! I’m always getting pretty active after using the vaporizer”

‘Marrijane 420’ posted in the grasscity forum;

“I have discovered that vaporizing is the best way, the most efficient, the best tasting way to indulge in dank grade cannabis. Enough said. You save weed, it tastes great, the high is very heady, unlike the couch lock feeling”

‘Toxicity’ added this in the drugs-forum;

“I like the vap pipe also, mostly because theres no coughing or throat irritation.”

Marijuana Smoking Devices For Sale

There are many different types of marijuana vaporizers from several manufacturers for those who vape or are new to vaping. They range from small portable to large desktop vaporizers. As always it is best to buy from a respected and honest website.

Live chat support imageMany people have questions about the products and the optimal way to use them. That is why the live online chat system on the EZ Vapes website is so popular.

You can use the chat feature to have any questions answered immediately by the support staff in real time. This feature will definitely make your buying experiences easier and better.

Most orders are eligible for free shipping and the shipping is discreet. A sophisticated encrypted ordering system is used for your security. They are authorized distributors so manufacturer warranties apply. Whether you are looking for a home unit, a portable vaporizer, or even a disposable one they are available right now on the EZ Vapes website.

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