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Pot Vaporizers – Better Results – Better For Your Lungs

Volcano digital pot vaporizersThe old stereotypes of a ‘pothead’ do not apply anymore. People are discovering pot vaporizers as the way to indulge. As it turns out many professional people use vaporizers to indulge.

This recent article from the NY Post focuses on professional people getting stoned on pot. They are perfect for the people who don’t want their house to stink of burning marijuana because the smell is minimal.

Just that one fact alone is one of the main reasons a vaporizer for pot has suddenly became so popular. Many who try it fall in love with them. The special link below will apply this months discount code for those who want to buy pot vaporizers.

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Not only that they are better for your lungs. This is because there is no combustion and therefore no smoke. Using one produces a vapor containing the psychoactive compounds and leaves the rest in the container.

Here is a pot vaporizers testimonial:

Heosphoros wrote in the forum.grasscity forum

“When I got the vaporizer, as excited as I was, I never thought it would replace my ridiculous love for smoking out of glass. I couldn’t have been converted quicker though, as smoking after that has seemed increasingly unpleasant in comparison.health reasons aren’t the reason I vaporize, they’re just an added benefit. The overall experience is far better, and you get far higher.”

He is not alone there are many pot vaporizer reviews like that all over the internet.

Better Than Smoking

Everybody has their own preferences and make their own choices. That’s o.k. but it’s surprising how many people change their minds after actually trying one. They are small, compact, efficient, and easy to use, and are the healthiest way to indulge.

With one you only inhale the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids which are the active compounds and not the smoke from burning the plant which contains toxins. Besides not stinking up your place they are more efficient than a bong, pipe, or joint as you get a lot more active ingredients in the vapor, and the plant isn’t burning while you’re not using it.

How It Works

Before you order one it is best to understand how they work. These smokeless systems heat up the material, which is pot (cannabis) in this example, but it could be waxes, hash, or oils.

room filled with smokeThey do heat up the material but not to the point where it starts to burn. Instead it causes the essential oils from the plant to boil until they become a vapor, kind of like steam, that can be inhaled.

You end up getting the same effect as if you were smoking it, but without all of the harmful effects from inhaling smoke which is very good news for your lungs.

Here is another pot vaporizers review discussing exactly that:

bonedingus wrote this in the grasscity forum

“…It is an entirely different buzz. I havent had smoke in my lungs in months now and I can tell a huge difference!”

What Are The Benefits And The Drawbacks?

There are many benefits like:

  • Better for your lungs.
  • Doesn’t smell up your house.
  • Cheaper – Requires less product for the same results.
  • Is a better high. (alright that’s my opinion)

The only drawbacks I am aware of are:

  • It takes a few minutes to set up.
  • You need to learn the right temperature settings.
  • The Cost.

These things can be relatively expensive and like in most products I would avoid the really cheap ones. If you want a good one that lasts spring for a few extra bucks. That’s it! This is not rocket science, learning to use one is not overly complicated. The only consideration is how much you want to budget to get one. Save by using the special link below.

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Before You Order Pot Vaporizers Read This

Due to this being a largely unregulated market it is best to only deal with established and recognized manufacturers and authorized distributors. Ordering from anywhere else could lead to problems. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around, it just means be cautious who you deal with. Buying a pot vaporizer online is legal in most areas  and a good starting point is at EZ Vapes.

Live chat support imageYou will definitely want to check their website out. They offer a large variety of type from desk top models to Vape pens for pot and many other portable pot vaporizers.

The thing that sets them apart is their customer service staff of persons with years of experience vaping. This is great for newbies or anyone else with questions and the live chat gives quick answers.

Ordering direct from them insures the lowest price on the best vaporizers available and because they are authorized distributors you will be eligible for any product warranties. An encrypted ordering system keeps your information safe and the shipping is fast and discreet, no one will ever know what you are receiving in that plain brown box.

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