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Vaporizing vs Smoking Cannabis- The Shocking Truth

Many people do not understand the difference between vaporizing vs smoking cannabis.  Using a vaporizer is becoming a popular way to consume marijuana, but is there really a big difference, or is it all hype?

How do they work? Why have they become the favored way of cannabis consumption? In fact before the advent of medical marijuana many people may have never even heard of vaporizing or it’s benefits.

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The Cannabis Vaporizer

The basic design of them allows you to inhale the active compounds unique to these plants (cannabinoids) while avoiding the harmful particulates and other harmful compounds found in smoke.

They function by heating the active compounds of the plant to their boiling point but not high enough to actually produce combustion. Put simply they dehydrate the buds causing them to release the good ingredients without ever catching fire and releasing smoke.

The Benefits Of ‘Vaping’ vs Smoking

Better For Your Health

Man coughing from inhaling toxic smokeTo state the obvious smoke is not good for your lungs. A vaporizer eliminates the chemicals associated with burning cannabis and the papers it is rolled with.

All smoke contains particulate matter and toxins that are harmful and possibly even carcinogenic like tobacco smoke. Of course tobacco contains a lot of additives to keep you addicted which is what makes this type of smoke so dangerous.

On the other hand cannabis smoke is not that harmful, but the truth is that inhaling smoke is not good whether it comes from a joint, the fireplace. or a burnt roast. A little bit of it occasionally is not particularly harmful but smoking cannabis regularly gives you a lot more than occasional exposure.

Better For Your Environment

room filled with smokeWant to know a easy way to discover if someone has been smoking weed? Simply go to where they live and breathe in. Smell that? Burning pot gives off copious amounts of smoke that has a distinctive and heavy odor.

On the other hand vaporizing produces almost no smoke. The vapor released looks like steam from boiling water and it has very little odor. Why would you want to stink up your place if you don’t have to?

In addition the faint smell does not linger very long or carry as far. This prevents the smell from accumulating in furniture, clothing, curtains and hair. It is also very neighbor-friendly by reducing the chances of them being exposed to any smoke or unwanted odors.

It Saves You Money

The heat from the combustion of cannabis destroys some of the active compounds leading to a significant reduction in the desired effects. When a given quantity is vaporized, tests show it delivers a larger quantity of cannabinoids than  when it is smoked.

A joint rolled with moneyIn addition many of the compounds inside of the buds dissipate into the air regardless of whether or not they are being inhaled. In other words you are burning money as the fire continues to burn the weed for as long as it has a fuel supply.

A significant amount of loss happens every time you ‘burn one’ that does not happen when using a cannabis vaporizer. Since they preserve so much of the THC content there is more being delivered because of the nature of vaporization.

At today’s prices more the savings can be significant. Since you use less the savings per year can be quite large depending on usage. You can even reuse the resins that collect which are basically hash oil stretching your savings even more.

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When Buying A Vaporizer

Do you want one of the popular volcano vaporizers, or are you more interested in a portable one? Many people like both. When buying there are three things to look for:

  • Convenience
  • Selection
  • Price

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The Conclusion Of Vaporizing vs Smoking Cannabis

There really is no comparison, vaporizing wins easily. Whats not to like? No smoke or clouds of smelly smoke is an easy choice. Toxins and possibly carcinogenic particulates, or none at all. Another easy choice especially when it comes to healthier living.

A better high using less material. O.K. a better high is subjective but you do use less material. I could go on but the only real way to discover all this for yourself is to give it a try.

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