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Video On How To Use A Vaporizer – All You Need To Know

Here is a very good video on how to use a marijuana vaporizer. Just about everyone knows the dangers of inhaling smoke from tobacco.  Cannabis smoke is not exempt from this fact and is the reason that so many medical marijuana patients and others are now using marijuana vaporizers.

How To Use A Vaporizer - Educational Video
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Using a vaporizer regularly can reduce many of the negative effects that can arise from the effects of inhaling smoke. Keep reading for more tips on using one. For the people who have already switched to ‘vaping’, the choice between vaporizing vs smoking is no contest at all.

Making The Healthier Switch Easily

If you are new to this hopefully this article will help you to be aware that there is an option other than the traditional pipes and papers. Moving away from the familiarity of smoking to a different way of medicating does not need to be difficult.

Selection of vape pens on saleMost patients who use these devices agree that the art of using one can be quickly learned and they have no desire to go back to the old ways. Modern technology is now producing more affordable equipment that can even be portable like the vape pens are.

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Written Instructions:

You will first need to grind your herbs. This is one of the most important and often overlooked steps for proper vaporization. When using the special links on this site you can also get a free grinder with every purchase at the ez vapes website.

It is not hard to learn how to grind your blend to a perfect consistency every time. You could use something as simple as a coffee grinder in a pinch but a specialized tool is your best choice.
That way you can get a nice consistency with no clumps but not so much that it becomes a powder that may fall through the screen.

There is no need to worry about this step as everyone quickly learns the best consistency for their own particular unit. Turn on your device to the manufacturers heat specifications. This is done by a knob or a button for digital vaporizers.

The manufactures specs are a great starting point and with a little experimentation you will find your own personal preference. Allow a little time, usually around 5 minutes for the heating element to warm up. While you are waiting you can load your device.

Take some of the herbs you have ground up and place them in the chamber. You only need to use a small amount as it will provide even vaporization. 1/8″ gram or less is usually plenty. This is another area where you will quickly find your own preferences. There is a learning curve but it is easy to master.

The hand piece (called whip in the case of some units) is the glass piece with the plastic tubing and mouthpiece. After your unit has been loaded and has reached the preferred temperature you are ready to start vaping.

Using the mouthpiece simply draw the hot air over the blend to produce the vapor, and down the tube into your lungs. Everyone has their own preferred method. This varying of the draw speed is the key to vaporizing and what you will have to experiment with on your own.

A frequent question that goes along with vaporizing is how will I know when the herbs are completely spent? This will probably vary a little with the particular type of herb you are using but here are a couple of tips.

When the blend is becoming spent the normal temperature will fail to produce any more vapor. In this case don’t try to force more vapor by continuing to draw air over the hot element. Simply reload at this point. If the material changes color from green to brown they are probably spent. If they go to black you have gone too far.

Live chat support imageYou will get a distinct flavor after the essential active ingredients have been extracted. Many say it smells like burnt popcorn. You will quickly learn how to realize your herbs are spent before getting this far.

I think you will find that once you give your vaporizer a few tries you will get the hang of it very quickly. These machines provide a great vapor draw every time for the experienced operator. If you have any questions regarding how to use one click on the link below to chat with a live person.

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